Group walks

We walk the dogs for a minimum of 1 hour in groups of no larger than 5 per walker. Walks generally take place on Hampstead Heath, although some of the other local woodland areas are also used for variety.

Numbers are restricted for two reasons;

  • Firstly we want to make sure that each dog’s safety is always made a priority and we feel that by walking in very large groups it might prove hard to keep tabs on what everyone is doing.
  • Secondly we believe that each dog’s walk should meet the perfect balance of both doggy and human interaction. By keeping out groups small we can ensure your pooch gets the care and attention he deserves.

For group walks we can only accept well socialised pooches in order to ensure a positive experience for everyone. If your dog has some behavioural issues and is not so well socialised with other dogs, please consider our bespoke private walk option.

Please see our Group Walks Schedule page for an idea of our current schedule.

Private walks

We offer a more bespoke dog walking experience for those dogs which prefer to have the sole attention of one walker.

This service might be useful for dogs who find socialising with other dogs tricky, or for those who simply like the quiet life!


Dog sitting

We understand that leaving your dog for an evening can be tough for both owner and pooch and that, for some, adding a new environment to the mix can increase distress. For this reason we offer a dog minding service in which a sitter comes to your home to keep your dog company so you can leave the house stress free.