How many dogs in one group walk?

We walk our dogs in groups of no more than 5 per walker.

Numbers are restricted for two reasons;

  • Firstly we want to make sure that each dog’s safety is always made a priority and we feel that by walking in groups larger than this it might prove difficult to keep tabs on what everyone is doing.
  • Secondly we believe that each dog’s walk should meet the perfect balance of both doggy and human interaction. By keeping out groups small we can ensure your pooch gets the care and attention he deserves.

Will there be aggressive dogs walked with my dog?

No- For group walks we will only accept dogs which are well socialised and enjoy the company of other dogs. If your dog is worried by other dogs and can show signs of aggression, we recommend the ‘Private Walks’ option.

How will my dog be collected?

We collect your four legged friend via our NW3 Dog Walker vehicle. On rare occasions we may collect your dog on foot. However this would be discussed and agreed before.

How long will my dog be walked?

Standard group walks are for a minimum of one hour– this starts from when we get out of the vehicle and into the park and ends when we get back to the vehicle. Including travel time you can expect your pooch to be out of the house for around 2 hours.

Will I get a discount for having two dogs or booking five days per week?

Yes- please have a look at our ‘rates‘ page for a list of prices and discounts that we currently offer.

Will my dog be walked off lead?

Initially we walk all dogs on leads whilst they get used to us and so that we can be sure their recall is effective. After this it is totally up to you! If you do decide you would like your dog to be walked off lead then we ask you to sign a form to say that permission has been given.

What if I’m not home to hand my dog over?

No worries- we prefer that on the initial meeting a family member is there to hand over, but after that you are more than welcome to trust us with a house key so that we can pick your four legged friend up and drop them off without your being there.

What if my dog is muddy from the walk?

Particularly in the wetter months, dogs can come back from their walk blissfully happy but a little on the muddy side. Free of charge we give all dogs a rough rub down with a towel before we hand them back to you. In some occasions we are able to offer a more comprehensive wash at an additional cost. If this is something that interests you then please get in contact to discuss the additional service.

Do you offer dog boarding?

At this time we do not have the facilities to offer dog boarding. However, we do offer dog sitting in the comfort of your own home for a more short term solution.

Do you have insurance?

Yes-We have full public liability insurance and an enhanced CRB check.

What is your cancellation policy?

For our regular walking clients we simply ask that you give us one weeks notice if you decide that you no longer require the particular service. If you have made a one of booking, for a block of private walks or for home sitting, we require notice of cancellation 24 hours before the block of walks or home sitting commences.

How will I pay for the services I book?

We send weekly invoices via email at the end of each month. If you would prefer a physical copy then this can also be arranged. Payment is requested within one week of invoices being sent, and this may be done via either BACS payment with the name of your dog as reference, or cash.